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There are three people involved in maintain this page - Sarah, Marissa, and Anna. We're all 16, *orginal* fans of the show Blue Heelers, and obviously Martin Sacks.

We came to know about Martin though Blue Heelers like most of Martin's "young" followers, and as we watched, we grew to love both PJ and Martin I guess. Although, we'll all admit now that we aren't as obsessed with neither Martin or Blue Heelers as we were.

Sure, we still watch the show most weeks, we still talk about it and Marty (And all the other cast while we at it), we still update this page, we still go and meet Martin (and everyone else) when ever possible, but I guess as we grew up, we realised that, as strange as it may seem, Martin, and his co-stars are normal people! And, yep, they are! Trust us, we've meet them enough to know!

Anyway, so you know, Sarah lives in Perth, Marissa in Sydney and Anna in Melbourne! I guess we're a nation filled little group! We met on the net, and we're all the best of friends now, talking about many things - not only 'Heelers and Marty!

And finally, here are some pictures of the three of us, so you know who the heck we are!

It's a personal joke.....but this is Sarah! She's not normally like this....

This is little Marissa.....the angel she is!!! Unlike the devil Sarah!!!

This is Anna, and Martin (On the left) and John Wood (On the right).